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Saturday, June 4, 2011


56% OFF Classic Manicure + Pedicure with Sea Salt Scrub + Callus Removal + Hand and Foot Massage for RM39 Instead of RM88

* Purchase voucher starts from 4/06 - 7/06
* Terms &; Conditions apply


  1. I like the services provided by your salon at discounted prices. Thanks. Keep up the good work.
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  2. My friend & i bought the Groupon promo but we are disappointed with the for service provided.
    The Groupon page stated that for "RM39, you get 105 minutes of classic manicure (RM30 value) and pedicure with sea salt scrub (RM40 value), callus removal (RM18 value), as well as hand and foot massage from Kitsu The Nail Salon (RM88 total value)"
    But FYI our total experience only took less than 30 mins to finished & even my nails were cut out of shape. We think it's not worth it...

  3. Hi Lempeng,

    Thanks for visiting and trying out our services. We will look into this.

    FYI, yes, the services do take about 105 minutes which is an estimation. However, if both manicurists to do the services at the same time, it will help to save lots of time which is more or less than half an hour which is not include waiting for the nail colours to dry. I would believe the whole process do take an hour plus to finish.

    We appreciate on the feedback. We will improve and strive to do better. Thanks.